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Photography of architecture can be considered as a re-composition of the visual experience of the space, time and light, realized in a building, in an interior, or in an urban landscape.
So the act of seeing, and the visual framing of a picture, is asked to sum up, in perspective proportions, the meaning of an architectural design.
In more then two decades of concern in photography of architecture, design and landscape, we realized a relevant series of reportages, publications and theoretical essays about the representation in project process.
This excursus is traceable in several photographic apparatus in academic and professional books, and in most important Italian and European architectural magazines.
Such relevant bibliography is summarized in our c.v. index and gallery, traceable in institutional or university libraries, or by ISBN reference.
Some other theoretical text are published, or in papers of scientific congresses, referenced in proceedings of relative on their Official websites.
The subjects of these photographic surveys are: some most famous Italian and European architects masterpieces, building, building sites, cultural heritage, technological and industrial processes, urban transformation landscapes, and scientific research.
Our architectural studies focused us to develop all contemporary methodologies and documentation technologies to represent the work in progress of actual constructions; but also lead in research collaboration for studies in existing and historic iconographical archives of architecture, design, landscape and science.
The motto: "Future in the past" suggest us the consciousness of the actuality of visual representation of our world, but also suggest the knowledge of the mutation of the meaning of images into time, towards the future understanding of our acts.
This website has the simple aim to present, order and gather all these experience, living the best evidence of my converging work about photography of architecture.

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